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Admissions Enquiries

Parental enquires

If a parent / carer / professional wishes to enquire whether we may be a suitable school for their child, then please call John Herring on 07512 318 055 for an informal initial discussion. 

Local Authority (SEN Team) enquiries

If a Local Authority (LA) wishes to explore whether we can meet a child’s needs and offer a place, please contact John Herring on 07512 318 055 or via Formal consultations should be emailed securely to

We will process consultations / applications in the order we receive them from LAs; and we will initially filter them according to whether we will potentially have an appropriate place available in the relevant year group. If there is no prospect of a place, then we will not consider the consultation any further; and we will inform the LA accordingly.  

Where there’s a possibility of a suitable place being available then we will inform the LA, and ask for their agreement for us to proceed with our full assessment process. Once this is given, then we will process consultations / applications in the order that the LA approved us to contact the parents / carers. Our full Admissions Policy is available via the School’s website.