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How will my child get to school, and how do I apply for transport?

How will my child get to school?

Due to the complexity of their needs, most pupils at Maypole will be transported each day to school, and back again, in cars that are arranged and funded by the Local Authority for the area that the child lives in. However, this may not apply if you live close to the school, or if the child is capable of using public transport safely. Please note that it is the LA that will make the decision on whether daily transport will be provided; the School is not in any way involved in this process. 

How do I apply for transport? 

The Transport system varies according to which Local Authority area you live in, but we recommend that Parents / Carers should initially seek the advice of their child’s Case Manager in the SEN(D) Team in their Local Authority, who will often be able to send them a Transport Request Form.

The Parent / Carer then has to send the completed form back to the LA, and assuming that transport is agreed, then the LA’s Transport Department will arrange it. Please note that there’s normally no point in applying for transport until the assessment process is complete, and the LA has made their decision to fund the placement; only then will the Transport Dept be able to act and arrange transport.