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Job vacancies, and how to apply

Job vacancies and job descriptions

We are now interviewing for Qualified Teachers, and for Teaching Assistants, for vacancies starting in the Summer Term 2023, and also for September 2023. We expect to have a steady trickle of vacancies from then onwards, as the school grows.  

  • For Qualified Teacher roles, please click here for the Job Description and Person Specification
  • For Teaching Assistant roles, please click here for the Job Description and Person Specification

How to apply for a job with us

To apply for a job with us, you need to take the following steps. If you would like further information, our full Safer Recruitment Policy is available on the School Policies page of this website.

Maypole School’s recruitment, selection and employment process is outlined below. 

  • Step 1: Application Pack. Interested candidates should download the appropriate Job Description / Person Specification, the Application Form and a Self Disclosure Form. 

  • Step 2: Informal phone call. Candidates may have an informal phone call with the Headteacher, prior to applying if they wish, to help them decide whether to apply. See below for contact details.

  • Step 3: Submit Application Form. Candidates must submit a fully complete Application Form, together with a Self-Disclosure Form (if appropriate.)
  • Step 4: Shortlisting, and invitations for interview. The Headteacher will shortlist those candidates who will be invited to attend a trial day, and an interview. 
  • Step 5Take up References. At this stage we will request references from applicants’ previous employers.
  • Step 6: Trial Day and Interview. We will invite shortlisted applicants to attend a trial day, so they can see how they find it; and so the school can assess how they get on. On the same day there will be an interview; and evidence of their ID, address and qualifications will be checked. 
  • Step 7: Informing candidates of the result. Candidates will be informed of the result on the same day as the interview, where possible; or within 5 working days at latest. For successful candidates, this will be in the form of a formal job offer, subject to confirmation of satisfactory references and checks. 
  • Step 8: Checking DBS, Right to Work, Medical Fitness and References. For candidates who accept the job offer, DBS checks will be conducted, to check that the applicant has not previously been barred from working with children. We will also check the references that have been provided, to check there are no concerns about the applicant’s suitability to work with children. Applicants will be required to complete a medical questionnaire, and where appropriate a doctor’s medical report may be required; which will be reviewed against the job description and person specification.  We will also check the applicants’ right to work in UK. 
  • Step 9: Start employment. Once this process is complete then a start date will be agreed. This will normally be as soon as the applicant is able to start. 
  • Step 10: Probationary period. As is normal in schools, there will be a 4 month probationary period, during which the new employee will be supported by a mentor, with monthly meetings to support and advise as appropriate. The aim is to maximise the likelihood of each person enjoying their work at Maypole, and of succeeding.  

Application Form and a Self-Disclosure Form, and where to send them

Please complete these two forms, and then send them to Emily Barnes at Maypole School, School Office, 67 Leigham Court Rd, London SW16 2QA. (Please note that sending a CV is not an alternative to completing the application form. We don’t need to see your CV. What we need is a fully completed Application Form.)

How to get more information

For an informal chat with the Headteacher, please contact Kitty Clark at . She will be happy to call you, and to answer any and all questions. 

If you have any questions about any aspect of the recruiting process, then please contact Emily Barnes at