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Admissions Policy

We are a school for children who have been identified as having social, emotional and / or mental health difficulties, with additional complex needs and health conditions. These may include conditions such as anxiety disorders, ADHD, ASD, PDA, OCD, ODD, toxic childhood stress / adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), attachment difficulties, developmental trauma or delay, speech and language difficulties, learning difficulties, and specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia. However this list is not exhaustive, so please do contact us if you want further information.  

Some of our young people will have displayed some form of challenging behaviour at their previous schools. 

Most of our pupils (if not all) will have an EHCP, due to the extreme nature of their needs / difficulties. Pupils’ fees will be funded by the Special Educational Needs team, in the child’s Local Authority. We will be happy to consider admission for pupils without an EHCP, if the LA is prepared to consider funding the place; but this is likely to be very rare. Subject to practicalities, we will accept new pupils at any stage in the academic year.