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School Uniform and School Meals

What School Uniform must I provide? 

Maypole’s school uniform comprises of a green polo shirt, and a blue sweat shirt, which the school will provide; and black trousers /skirt and black shoes or trainers, which the parents / carers must provide. 

An initial issue of 3 shirts and 2 sweat shirts will be provided free of charge; and parents / carers may buy more from the school office. 

Breakfast and lunch. We provide breakfast for those who’ve not already had it at home, and lunch for all pupils. Pupils may bring their own packed lunch if they wish, provided it is a healthy meal in accordance with our Food Policy, which can be found on the Policies page of this website. 

Do parents / carers have to pay for school meals? No. All school meals provided by Maypole School are free of charge.