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Class sizes, and staffing ratios

Class size

We offer an on-site curriculum for Key Stages 1-5 (ages 5-19), tailored to each individual's needs.We have very small classes, with strong staffing support. The largest class will be 5 pupils strong, typically supported by 2-4 staff. But many classes will be smaller than this, with 4, 3 or only 2 pupils, where this will better meet the children’s complex needs. Where a child is unable (for whatever reason) to learn when alongside other pupils, we have the ability to provide a personal classroom where this is appropriate. 

Pupil : staff ratio

We will provide whatever staffing ratio is required, to meet the needs of each individual child. For many of our pupils this will mean being in a class of 4 or 5 pupils in total, supported by 3 – 4 staff, depending on each individual pupil’s needs. However where necessary we can and will provide 1:1 or 2:1 (or even stronger) staffing, where the complexity of needs requires this. Where very strong staffing is required, this will normally be within the environment of a dedicated personal classroom, to avoid disrupting other pupils' education.